Voucher Program

Early Learn NYC

Flatbush, Red Hook and Sunset Park locations only

Our Red Hook, Flatbush and Sunset Park Early Learn NYC centers in Brooklyn accept ACS/HRA vouchers. We offer quality Child Care to income eligible families in a safe and nurturing setting that supports social and intellectual development. If you are looking for a preschool seat for children over 2 years old, please check our Red Hook and Sunset Park locations. For infants from 8 weeks to 5 years only at our Flatbush center.

Early Learn services include:

• Child Care 5 days a week, up to 10 hours a day, 12 months of the year,

• Meals for children over the age of one

• Resources for dental, vision, nutrition screenings

• Serves children with special needs

Pre-kindergarten/Universal Pre-K is offered to income eligible families with 4 year olds in partnership with the NYC Department of Education with Early learn services for continued 10 hour daily childcare in UPK education classrooms. To learn more about eligibility visit here  or call us at 718-676-0080 x106 or email our ERSEA coordinator to help find which of our Early Learn centers are best for you to apply with.

• Families must be determined eligible for subsidized care in order to enroll in EarlyLearn NYC Child Care

• Parents/guardians receiving Cash Assistance who are in a Human Resources Administration (HRA) approved work, education, or training activity may be eligible for EarlyLearn NYC.

• These parents/guardians can visit their designated HRA Job Center for more information about EarlyLearn NYC and other free child care options by calling 311.

For more information, call us at

(718) 676-0080