Preschool Program

Our Preschool Program offers a wide variety of activities designed to engage your preschooler and ensure that he/she has the school readiness skills necessary for a successful transition into Pre-K. We encourage our young thinkers to make connections between what they are learning in their classrooms to the fascinating world in which we live. School readiness is the primary goal at this level and teachers are constantly assessing student’s needs to ensure that every child is prepared to enter the exciting world of kindergarten.

Learning goals include:

•  Decision-making and problem-solving skills.

•  Pre-reading and pre-writing skills.

• Understanding of age appropriate math, science and social studies concepts.

BumbleBeesRus welcomes applications for enrollment for preschool children at all of our centers.

Download the Enrollment Packet – For your convenience, the Enrollment Packet is in PDF format with the option to enter your information digitally using Adobe Acrobat. You may fill out printed forms manually or fill them out electronically in Adobe Acrobat. All forms requiring signatures must be printed and submitted to the Center Director of your location preference or to the Main Office.

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