Happy Parents Share Their Stories!

Kids love BumbleBeesRus… and parents are happy to share how much their children enjoy their time at our child care centers. Read some of the testimonials that let us know how much BumbleBeesRus is their child’s home away from home!  Are you a happy BumbleBeesRus parent? Feel free to share your story! Email gabriela.torres@bumblebeesrus.com.

My daughter is a student at the Farragut Road location and I am thankful for the day I made the decision to enroll my child in school – this decision has been one of the best I ever made. 

My child’s growth has me “wowing” all the time – before her enrollment, she could barely make a complete sentence and her words were inconsistent. Now she can mention all the students in her class including her 2 teachers and also Ms Trudy (SEIT) teacher.

I am grateful to her 2 teachers Ms Kiara and Ms Karen;  they do a great job and their selflessness helped shaped, nurture, build and gave my child her confidence. I am extremely happy I choose to enroll her in BumbleBeesRus.

Also all the other non-teaching staffs are great too – Ms Green, thank you for listening to the parents, you are always appreciated.

I made the best choice and I am super thankful for it.

– Christiana N.

BumbleBeesRus is an amazing school for children. The staff are extremely kind and supportive and my child is always exited to go to school. I advise to the parents reading this to take your children to this school.

–Sahar A.
So far my experience  with BumbleBeesRus in Red Hook has been great; all of the staff is very polite and professional. The help my daughter and I are receiving with her next level of potty training is amazing. 
The weekly newsletters pertaining to her events during the week is great. I love to see her so engaged with other students and doing so well. Positive impact reflects positive responses. She loves school and I love that she does. – Janay B.

My child has had a wonderful experience at BumbleBeesRus in Sunset Park so far. My baby used to be afraid of strangers, but since he has been at BumbleBeesRus, the teachers have given him love, patience, and confidence. He has benefitted from their educational methods to help him, the love into the baby’s young heart. Thank you teachers! –Irene F.
Thanks so much for all the great support that you and your team have given Aurora at Bumblebees! Melissa & Amalia
BumbleBeesRus has been amazing and Liliana lights up with excitement when she sees Ms. Sandra every day. – Alisha & Colin

My husband and I had a great tour and we would love to enroll our son into the program at 8th Street. The staff was very warm and engaging and the kids looked happy and well-cared for. The space was bright and playful, and we liked all the activities planned throughout the day, including time outside when the weather is good. We of course want to make sure our child’s needs are met, but we also really like the social aspect the daycare has to offer. They are less than a ten minute walk for our home, which makes dropping off and picking up great.

– Katherine P.

Our son has been enrolled at BumbleBeeRus on 8th street for 8 months now, since he was 3 1/2 months. We really love it there. The manager is very loving with the kids and very attentive to any problems or concerns we have. All the staff seem to really care about the kids and many are just so affectionate, it makes us feel nice to leave him there with them. He gets the biggest smile as soon as we arrive at daycare and he immediately begins playing with all the toys. He barely notices that we are leaving! The staff are great about giving us updates concerning his eating (especially since he’s started solids) and they have a lot of activities for the kids (crafts, music/yoga, going outside when it’s nice). They even have holiday events where they invite the parents to join after school to do a craft with the kids, which is really special for us. And we receive pictures, daily, which always brightens our days! I recommend Bumblebees on 8th Street to anyone looking for a daycare in Park Slope.

– Christine C.

Bumblebees gave us – and more importantly, our daughter – fabulous care in her first year over 2017. She’s our first child and we didn’t know what to look for in daycare for her, but we found it at bumblebees, from our initial visit to look around and then every single day she went into daycare, the staff have been wonderful, kind and professional. We couldn’t ask for more from her classroom staff. They’re so thoughtful and kind, looking after our daughter but also providing her with amazing activities, games and opportunities to grow. We’ve had friends ask us, after seeing photos of her in a space suit or on Disney day or one of the many other activity days, how much we have to pay “for all the extras”. With Angela and Chaniece, it’s not extra, it’s just what they do. We’re so grateful for their care for our daughter, and their friendly advice to us. We couldn’t have asked for better.

– Matthew M

Our son attended BumbleBeesRus since he was 10 weeks old. As any parent can imagine, sending your 10 week old baby to daycare is a difficult reality to accept. From day 1, the daycare director  did such a fantastic job making sure our child was safe, happy and loved. Gulten was always available to discuss our child’s development with us and constantly amazed us with her organization and attention to details. Our child’s face would always light up when they saw the director in the morning drop-off. At 2 years, our child graduated from daycare to the preschool. The preschool director (Liljana) picked up right where the infant director left off and our child and Liljana began to develop their own special bond. We found the preschool program had a great balance of play based learning. Liljana always found different ways for our child to have fun while working on their skills in numbers, letters, shapes, colors, word recognition, spelling and social skills. The monthly themes and activities were something our child always looked forward to. Additionally, outside playtime on the patio, art class, dance class, yoga class, field trips (park, library, senior center, etc.), neighborhood walks and school social events with families are some of the wonderful memories we’ll take with us forever (and Liljana always went the extra mile to take photos of everything and email them to parents daily – that meant so much to us). When our child started attending BumbleBeesRus we lived three blocks away; when our child was 10 months old we moved apartments and found ourselves now 1.2 miles away from the 8th Street Park Slope location. However, we made the decision that it was worth travelling the extra mile (literally – morning and evening, so two extra miles round trip every day) to keep our child at BumbleBeesRus because of the love, attention and education he received from Gulten and Liljana. We cannot thank BumbleBeesRus, Gulten, Liljana and all the teacher’s assistants enough; we are extremely grateful for it all.

– Benjamin and Lorene S

I want to recommend BumbleBeesRus on Classon. The infant teachers are phenomenal. We have had our daughter there for the past year and change. She started at 5.5 months. The teachers are loving, caring and very knowledgeable about child development. They have a great manner with the babies. I felt very comfortable leaving Laia in their hands each day, they really had a special bond with the babies they cared for. When Laia was 13 months she moved from the infant to the toddler room, and while the transition was difficult, because any transition is, the staff was warm and friendly. We requested a conversation with the teachers during this time and they were able to accommodate us within a week, which was great.The center is new. When the weather permits the teachers take the children to the nearby parks and Botanic Garden, as well as the Brooklyn Museum. They do not have catering, so you do have to bring your child’s lunch and snack (once they are ready for those things) but I prefer that since I like to keep a close eye on what my daughter eats. Each of the rooms does thematic learning, focusing on a central theme each week. The toddler class observed ladybugs for a week, reading about them, making art, singing about them and observing them in their ladybug farm. The toddler class has a music teacher that comes in once a week to teach music and movement. We have been happy with the level of care and dedication to the children at BumbleBeesRus.

– Ines G.

BumbleBeesRus is truly an amazing place. The teachers and administrative staff are hands on and fully involved with your child for the best educational experience anywhere can offer. The staff has your best interest at heart and treat your child with so much love and tender care, as if your child was their own. They work with you and the goals you want achieved the best way they can. The open door policy allows you to be apart of your child’s experience the best way you can. BumblebeesRuS treats you like family, and that is what is important. My son absolutely loves it and I would give them my best recommendation.

– Astrid H

My son has been at BumbleBeesRus since he was 8 weeks old. We have had a wonderful experience during the 3 years that we have been here. Ms. Liljana and her staff provide the best care for our child and have played a major role in his development as a toddler. I would highly recommend BumbleBeesRus to anyone looking for an outstanding early childhood education program for their children.

– Grateful 8th Street Parent

My daughter had a wonderful experience at BumbleBeesRus! They really provide comprehensive early childhood education in a great environment. My daughter benefited from their awesome Pre-K program and thrived in Kindergarten. She still talks about all the fun she had at BumbleBeesRus.

– Shahid D.

My kids have flourished in the Farragut center. They are concerned for your kids and it shows in the attention they give. It’s so good, my kids cry if we miss a day! I would and have recommended this place to my family and friends.

– Ruth B.

My daughter has been going to BumbleBeesRus since she was 11 months old and she has thrived! The teachers in every class are caring and love the children.

– Roxanne M.

Thank you so much! We are so so happy with BumbleBeesRus. Since moving our son out of the other daycare, he has grown intellectually so much because of how professional and caring your staff is. Makes a working mom feel less guilty.

Sincerely, An 8th Street Working Mom

I’m writing to let BumbleBeesRus know how pleased we are with your 8th Street staff. Last week’s Easter party was a reminder for me to let you know what your staff means to us and Olivia. Olivia has been attending your 8th Street location for 6 months. As with most children, initially it was a difficult transition but she now escorts me to the door and happily waves goodbye. 8th Street has a terrific team on staff. Their personalities are a great mix and Olivia learns from each of them. They’re professional, fun, patient, caring  and genuine, characteristics all teachers and caregivers should possess. As working parents, we’re at ease knowing she’s in their care and learning while having fun. – Lisa V. + Patrick M.

Our son Patrick was enrolled at BumbleBeesRus at the age of 6 months.  We knew we chose the right place for day care while we were both at work beginning with our first meet and greet. The staff at BumbleBeesRus is professional, happy, caring and trustworthy, and we felt totally comfortable bringing Patrick and staying from 7am-6pm every day. Since we are first time parents, we were nervous but the experience for us was great.  The staff were so helpful and were like coaches for us, going over game plans and different strategies for everything; from napping to eating schedules and we worked together to come up with a plan that was best for our son. Thank you so much for being part of our extended family!

– Michael and Marisa C.