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BumbleBeesRus is an early childhood education program in Brooklyn and Staten Island dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. All child care centers are licensed through the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene-Bureau of Childcare.

Our primary objective is to provide a welcoming, safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment that develops and fosters individual creativity, active exploration and learning through child-centered activities and explorations that support the development of the “whole child”. At BumbleBeesRus, we continually strive to create a stimulating environment, where every child is encouraged to reach his/her own potential. We understand and respect that every child is unique and they have their own individual strengths and interests. Our educational philosophy is to teach using a multi-sensory approach; we learn through play and we play as we learn.

Our Mission

Our mission at BumbleBeesRus is to provide a safe, nurturing, affordable, developmentally appropriate and stimulating early childhood education experience while working with our parents and community to create a positive, successful, happy environment for our children.

Our Philosopy

The BumbleBeesRus philosophy involves a multi-sensory approach, where children are immersed in the learning process. They are actively and purposefully engaged throughout each day. Every moment is a teachable moment and our curriculum is designed to encompass all areas of early childhood development, while making certain to meet the needs of the individual child and capitalizing on their personal interests and motivations.

We offer many varied opportunities for learning through active play, social interaction and 1:1 instruction.Our goal is to foster a strong sense of self-worth that provides a solid framework of success for overcoming all later life experiences and challenges. Our centers offer a “hands-on” approach to learning. This style of early childhood education is designed to nurture creativity, self-expression and independence.BumbleBeesRus teachers manifest their respect for children by encouraging them to become free-thinkers, make good choices, work toward their own solutions and express their own ideas and feelings. We embrace the belief that you, our parents, are the first and most important teachers in your child’s life.

We look to you for guidance and support in helping us ease your child’s transition into school. The family connection is fostered throughout the year as we continually urge parents to participate in a variety of events, including birthday and holiday celebrations, field trips, parent-child experiential evenings, read-alouds and social activities. We have an open-door policy and parents are encouraged to schedule time to volunteer in their child’s classroom.

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