Toddler Progam

toddler programOur toddlers are given plenty of opportunities to investigate, explore and play in a safe and secure, yet stimulating environment. By promoting self-help skills, such as using utensils to self-feed, we are encouraging our children to mature and develop in comfortable and supportive environment. All of our locations in Brooklyn and Staten Island offer educational programs for toddlers.

Positive reinforcement is the key to motivating children to move forward and feel good about their accomplishments. We understand that every child develops at their own rate, but we do our best to ascertain that we are helping them to acquire their new skills in our day care centers.

Our Toddler Program is offered at all locations in Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Download the BumbleBeesRus Enrollment packet here. For your convenience, the Enrollment Packet is in PDF format with the option to enter your information digitally using Adobe Acrobat. You may fill out printed forms manually or fill them out electronically in Adobe Acrobat. All forms requiring signatures must be printed and submitted to the Center Director of your location preference or to the Main Office.

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