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Our daycare programs consist of a broad spectrum of developmentally appropriate concepts that are expanded upon and reinforced 38 objectives for development and learning through the Creative Curriculum. These objectives are fully aligned with early childhood education learning standards. In addition, unique monthly themes are integrated with the Creative Curriculum to provide enhanced and intellectually stimulating activities throughout the day. We  offer Kinderdance: Education through dance, motor development and fitness with numbers, colors, shapes, words and songs. We also have yoga at some of our centers. To support the developmental requirements of the children in our early childhood education centers, BumbleBeesRus offers intellectually appropriate and safe Infant, Toddler and Preschool programs. Download the BumbleBeesRus Enrollment packet here. For your convenience, the Enrollment Packet is in PDF format. All forms requiring signatures must be printed and submitted to the Center Director of your location preference or to the Main Office. You may call our Enrollment Coordinator at (718) 676-0080 ext. 106 for more information regarding our programs and enrollment at our centers.

From affectionate, thoughtful interaction to nap time, singing or read-alouds, our wonderful teachers provide just what your baby needs, in a safe and clean environment.

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Our toddlers are given plenty of opportunities gain their independence, build their social skills, to investigate, explore and play in a safe and secure, yet stimulating environment.

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We encourage our bright young thinkers to make connections between what they are learning in their classrooms to the fascinating world in which we live.

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