Summer Program

We love the summer! There’s nothing like enjoying the wonderful weather and at BumbleBeesRus, we have a wide variety of amazing activities that make it THE place to be to enjoy the best season of the year! We have many great special events taking place at all of our centers along with outdoor sports, summer theme parties, picnics, dance parties, arts and crafts and water fun! All of these exciting activities encourage children to learn through play and play while they learn. Whether your child is currently enrolled or you want to enroll just for the summer, we want to welcome you and your family to BumbleBeesRus to all the great things we are offering every July and August. To learn more about our Summer Program, please call us today at 1-855-5-DAYCARE for more information! Enroll now to make sure your child has the best summer ever at BumbleBeesRus!